Jennie Takes Aim at Challenge Grant

The Methodist Jennie Edmundson Cancer Center's capital campaign to upgrade its radiation therapy equipment needs a boost from area Santas.

Jennie campaign honors hospital heritage

Nearly 130 years have passed since a tiny hospital situated in a five-room cottage began serving the people of Council Bluffs and the surrounding  region.

Jennie Edmundson's cancer campaign leaders determined to make a difference

Dr. Lori Platt is an OB-GYN specialist with Methodist Physicians Clinic Council Bluffs Women's Services and practices at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital.

Marcia Antworth is trades and industry coordinator at Iowa Western Community College.  

Scott Hartman is vice president and senior financial adviser with U.S. Bancorp in Council Bluffs.

At one time strangers, today these three people are working together on behalf of everyone in Council Bluffs, southwest Iowa and the region beyond. The link that binds their efforts can be summed up in one word: Cancer.

State of the art healing

It takes a medical facility staffed with a team of highly skilled specialists and caregivers who utilize the newest technologies, therapies and treatments to provide patients the hope and courage they need to live.