Behavioral Health Initiative

The Joint Commission, which is the accrediting body for hospitals, works collaboratively with a panel of patient safety experts to develop National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs). These standards are updated periodically. The current NPSGs establish strict requirements for hospital psychiatric inpatient units, based on analysis of inpatient suicides that suggested hospital prevention efforts should focus primarily on mitigating risks associated with hanging.

Remodeling our behavioral health rooms to comply with the new standards will cost nearly $500,000. To continue providing inpatient psychiatric care, we must comply with these standards. Terminating our behavioral health program would be unacceptable because it would intensify the mental health crisis and worsen the inpatient bed shortage across the state of Iowa. 

Thanks to people like you who are willing to invest in the future, we can continue a proud tradition of offering excellent medical services to our community, regardless of a patient's ability to pay. 

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