Due to the current situation with the coronavirus pandemic, the deadline for returning nursing scholarship application materials has been extended to May 5, 2020, postdated by midnight.  Student copies of transcripts will be accepted. With healthcare facilities and professionals being in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, we hope this will help relieve some of your stress as it relates to your scholarship application. 

In February of each year, the Jennie Edmundson Hospital Foundation announces the beginning of the Nursing Scholarships application process. These scholarships include monies from the Jennie Edmundson Hospital Educational Funds (previously School of Nursing Scholarship funds), the Stahlnecker Trust Nursing Scholarships, the Alice Oth Charitable Foundation (1st National Bank Trustee) and the Jennie Edmundson Alumni Scholarship Funds.  

The Jennie Edmundson Alumni Scholarship Funds are moneys given by Alumni to help support the nursing scholarship funds for Jennie graduates, their children and grandchildren/relatives who are pursuing a nursing degree or an advanced nursing degree, i.e. ADN, RN to BSN, BSN or MSN. We continue to grow this fund through contributions from the Alumni and from others who would like to contribute to this scholarship fund.

Scholarship applications

Packet 1 — Stahlnecker Trust Nursing Scholarships 

Packet 2 — Jennie Edmundson Hospital Education Scholarship, Jennie Edmundson Alumni Association Scholarship & Alice Oth Charitable Foundation 

Deadline for all applications has been extended to May 5, 2020. 

Continuing the tradition with your donation

If you would like to give to the Jennie Edmundson Alumni Association Scholarship Fund, please contact the Jennie Edmundson Foundation at (712) 396-6040 or visit our online donation page.