Breast Health Center

Breast Health Center the First of its Kind in Southwest Iowa

Spearheaded by Dr. Michael Zlomke in 2000, the Breast Health Center specializes in breast cancer screening, diagnosis and treatment planning in a safe and warm environment. The intimate surroundings are integral in providing individualized care, education and needed emotional support. The goal of the Center is to deliver a diagnosis within a week or sooner, and to provide as much information and support possible. 

The Center is committed to providing outstanding service using a comprehensive interdisciplinary approach. Any diagnostic tests or consultations are coordinated along with education regarding breast disease, procedures and if needed, surgery. When the diagnosis is cancer, the cases are brought to the weekly Cancer Conference at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Cancer Center. 

Often times, when patients enter the hospital one fear is getting lost in the shuffle. Here at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital, the Breast Health Center and a certified Breast Health Navigator become the central points of contact. 

Click on Breast Health Center or The Facts on Lymphedema for a copy of recent brochures. Additional information is also available at the Breast Health Center by clicking here

"When I really needed it you guys came through - thank you. You really can never plan for these kinds of things to happen to you. The staff of the Breast Health Center really helped us find the financial resources we needed to get us through treatment."

Breast Cancer Patient

Nurse Navigator

The Breast Health Center at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital is the first in the health system to provide a registered nurse who is a Certified Breast Health Navigator. As a Breast Health Navigator, they establish contact with newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, guide them through the oncology care system and direct them to health care services within the organization. They also help connect patients with resources, health care and support services in their communities, and assist the patients and oncology physicians in the transition from active treatment to survivorship.

For more information, contact:

Tammy Johnson, RN  
Certified Breast Health Navigator  
Methodist JEH Breast Health Center
Council Bluffs, IA 51503

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