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Greatest Need in 2020: New Medi Van

Jennie Edmundson Hospital Foundation’s aging Medi-Bus, has been in use for over nine years, logging hundreds of thousands of miles and transporting more than 27,000 patients.  This service vehicle helps ensure access to healthcare for thousands of people each year. For nearly forty years, the Medi-Bus Patient Transportation Program has provided free transportation for people dealing with chronic disease or undergoing therapy. Each year, the program gives rides to approximately 3,000 patients and travels more than 28,000 miles. 

The Medi-Bus provides rides to individuals who are unable to drive or take public transportation due to physical or financial limitations. For many, it is their only way to access physical therapy, chemotherapy, radiation treatments, wound center therapy, cardiac rehabilitation and other essential healthcare. Our goal is to replace the current multi-passenger vehicle with a
handicap-accessible Medi-Van. A van would pick up one patient at a time, reduce the cost of fuel and could be parked in the garage at Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital for greater security. 



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